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Take your running into your own hands

A beautifully designed book with scientifically based running plans for your level. Includes 12+ action points to prevent injury and increase performance.

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Why use this book instead of a digital plan?

Marathon training plan detailed view book

Helps you to stay motivated

Put the book on your table to stay accountable and keep running top of mind.

Fun fact: Even the marathon world record holder (Eliud Kipchoge) uses pen and paper to track his training plan.


Helps you to stay injury free

With more than 18 insights on proper running form, running nutrition and some stories of worlds best athletes you will become a better runner.

No need to scroll through forums get lost in Youtube. Get all information in one place.

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Remember and celebrate

The Analog Runner is made so it will beautifully fit into your bookshelf.

Keep the book as a memory of your awesome accomplishments and use it to review it before you start into a new running season.

Who created the plan?

Olympic experience tailored to the needs of hobby runners

This plan was created by Andreas Vojta (Olympian) and Laurin Wirth (hobby runner).

The plans combine Andreas' experience as a world class athlete with the challenges Laurin faced as someone new to the sport.

Each plan includes an expert trainings schedule with tips on the right technique, nutrition and some motivational stories.

Which plan should I choose?

What our customers say

I had the plan next to my door and every time I missed a training, my roommates would give me shit. So I stopped missing trainings.

Finishing time: 03h:4min Vienna 2021

Lukas Neidhart

Great way to track my training and have something on my table that keeps me motivated. I use it together with Strava and that works really well for me.

Finishing time: 04h16min Rotterdam 2021

Claire Spann

I used to struggle with knee pain but followed the advise in the book. This helped me complete my first marathon injury free. Now the books sits in my shelf and keeps me itching for more.

Finishing time: 03h34min Berlin 2021

Laurin Wirth